888poker 2017 Super XL Series Day 4: Denmark's “ForSjovt” Wins Event #14 for $53,754!

What an amazing day for the fans of online tournaments! On Day 4 of the 888poker 2017 Super XL, there was a total of ten events scheduled! Every tournament had a big prize pool so every winner was guaranteed a nice payday. Let’s see who were the biggest winners of this huge Sunday on 888poker!

Event #12 $35,000 Super XL – Sunday Breeze

Buy-in Date Players Prize Pool
$55 Jan. 22 1,348 $67,400

The fourth day of the series started with Event #12, the $35,000 Super XL – Sunday Breeze. In total 1,348 players started at 16:45 GMT and the guaranteed prize pool of $35,000 was almost doubled with $67,400! Every finalist would be guaranteed at least $727.92 while there was a first prize of $9,677.42.

After more than seven hours the final table was reached. Eventually, “L_Scola” and “jefffryyy” would play the deciding heads-up battle. They made a deal for the prize money and “L_Scola” secured himself of $10,205 while tournament winner “jefffryyy” got $9,677.42 after winning the event.

Place Player County Prize
1 jefffryyy Czech Republic $9,677.42
2 L_Scola Russia $10,205
3 Jaolito85 Brazil $6,396.26
4 schlafgut Austria $4,583.20
5 theginger45 United Kingdom $3,336.30
6 spaarky777 Germany $2,662.30
7 fokucschi Peru $1,988.30
8 kekim1 Czech Republic $1,314.30
9 mintoiu Romania $727.92

Event #13 $150,000 Super XL – Mega Deep

Buy-in Date Players Prize Pool
$215 Jan. 22 959 $191,800

One of the biggest tournaments of the day started at 19:30 GMT – the $150,000 Super XL – Mega Deep. A total of 959 players paid the buy-in of $215 to create a total prize pool of $191,800 with a top prize of $34,524!

Place Player County Prize
1 ADRI_ATM United Kingdom $34,524
2 grownupguy83 Netherlands $24,934
3 GoFighTer Belarus $18,604
4 karabaja7 Croatia $13,905
5 victoronizuk Brazil $9,666.72
6 JacktheCpt Romania $7,672
7 eze88888 Argentina $5,754
8 ErocHB Germany $3,836
9 allesrigged Germany $2,301.60

After losing “77kol0bok77” in tenth place, the remaining nine players moved to the official final table, which guaranteed them of $2,301.60. That was the most money“allesrigged” would win in this tournament, he finished in ninth place. His fellow countryman “ErocHB” followed him in eighth place for $3,836.

“eze88888” from Argentina would have to settle for seventh place worth $5,754 while “JacktheCpt” from Romania finished in sixth for $7,672. “vicotorizuk” missed out on a five-figure score because he got fifth for $9,666.72. The tournament reached its final stage when “karabaja7” and “GoFighTer” were both eliminated in fourth and third place for $13,905 and $18,604 in prize money.

The final heads-up between Dutch player “grownupguy83” and “ADRI_ATM” was won by the latter to guarantee himself of the victory ánd the first prize of $34,524. “grownupguy83” finished in second place for a nice payday of $24,934.

Event #14 $250,000 Super XL – Tune Up

Buy-in Date Players Prize Pool
$160 Jan. 22 1,454 $316,200

After almost 14 hours of play, Denmark’s ForSvojt won the $160 Event #14: $250,000 Super XL – Tune-Up for $53,754. The event attracted 1,454 players and 654 rebuys to generate a $316,200 prize pool, which eclipsed the tournament’s $250,000 guarantee.

Place Player Country Prize
1 ForSjovt Denmark $53,754
2 SalsaFiesta Sweden $39,525
3 HappyMonkey9 United Kingdom $30,007
4 888_de Germany $21,502
5 Dimitar “trino11” Yosifov Bulgaria $15,652
6 iikka12 Finland $12,490
7 f0rmEITseGal United Kingdom $9,328
8 Huwwiel Sweden $6,166
9 Patrick “omgpatbrooks” Brooks United Kingdom $3,415

Among those in the field were two 888poker Ambassadors, however, neither finished in the money with United Kingdom’s Chris “888Moorman” Moorman finishing in 484th place and Brazil’s Nicolau “nicofellow” Villa-Lobos finishing in 600th place.

The final table itself lasted for about three hours. The United Kingdom’s Patrick “omgpatbrooks” Brooks was eliminated pretty quickly in ninth place for $3,415 when his pocket nines were no match for the pocket aces held by Bulgaria’s Dimitar “trino11” Yosifov.

About 30 minutes later, Sweden’s “Huwwiel” was the next to exit in eighth place for $6,166 when his king-nine lost to the jack-deuce held by United Kingdom’s “HappyMonkey9” with all the money going in preflop.

Straight after, “f0rmEITseGal” exited the tournament in seventh place for $9,328 followed by Finland’s “iikka12” hitting the rail in sixth place for $12,490.

Almost another half an hour passed before Yosifov hit the showers in fifth place for $15,652 when his ace-deuce couldn’t catch up to ForSjovt’s’ ace-queen. About five minutes later, Germany’s “888_de” was eliminated in fourth place for $21,502 after the German’s pocket deuces were unable to hold up against the ace-deuce held by Sweden’s “SalsaFiesta”.

Fifteen minutes later, “HappyMonkey9” was eliminated by “SalsaFiesta” in third place for $30,007. The Brit’s jack-four proved to be no good on a jack-high board against the German’s pocket jacks.

“SalsaFiesta” entered heads-up play with a 2:1 chip advantage against “ForSvojt” and it appeared for a moment the duo was going to make a deal. However, no agreement was reached and on the very next hand, “ForSovjt” grabbed the chip lead after he doubled up with ace-king against his opponent’s king-jack.

Heads-up play lasted for over an hour with the chip lead going back and forth several times. “SalsaFiesta” was eventually low on chips when ForSvojt shoved with queen-nine. “SalsaFiesta” called for about eight big blinds with ace-six, however, eventually lost the hand and collected the runner-up prize of $39,525 when a queen hit the board.

Event #15 $50,000 Super XL – Mini Tune Up

Buy-in Date Players Prize Pool
$12 Jan. 22 4,839 $71,667.50

Besides the Tune Up Event there was also a Mini Tune Up with a buy-in of just $12. A total of 4,839 players registered for this huge event to create a prize pool of $71,667.50. The winner would get a nice five-figure score with $10,033.45, while every finalist would get a minimum of $544.67.

More than eleven hours went by before a winner was crowned in this event. The deciding hand was played at 06:12 GMT, while play started at 19:01 GMT! In the end, it was Russian player “VLADIMIRIVOC” who won the tournament for $10,033.45 after beating German player “plotsch2” heads up.

Place Player Country Prize
1 VLADIMIRIVOC Russia $10,033.45
2 plotsch2 Germany $7,525.08
3 LTUartist Lithuania $5,518.39
4 Zzopa Russia $4,156.71
5 Chester20o Poland $2,866.70
6 indy5k Ukraine $2,006.69
7 Susi_Cami Russia $1,290.01
8 phil_boud Canada $716.67
9 juanmihjael Venezuela $544.67

Event #16 $35,000 Super XL – Sunday Monsoon

Buy-in Date Players Prize Pool
$55 Jan. 22 1,222 $61,100

At 19:30 GMT a total of 1,222 players started in the Sunday Moon, Event #16 of the series. They all paid their buy-in of $55 so there was a total prize pool of $61,100. The lion share of the prize pool was received by “scratchhero” from Chile after he defeated “jorec” from the Czech Republic to win the tournament. He won $10,545.86 while the runner-up received $7,637.50 in his or hers 888poker account.

Place Player Country Prize
1 scratchhero Chile $10,545.86
2 jorec Czech Republic $7,637.50
3 SuckHeed Canada $5,804.50
4 blackwawks Czech Republic $4,252.56
5 olnkoinkoink Germany $3,024.45
6 Foleon Mexico $2,413.45
7 zzagnux Switzerland $1,802.45
8 I_AM_PELMENI Cyprus $1,191.45
9 anticvet Russia $672.10

Event #17 $200,000 Super XL – Whale

Buy-in Date Players Prize Pool
$600 Jan. 22 392 $221,480

The biggest event of the day, and one of the biggest of the series, was Event #17 $200,000 Super XL – Whale. In total 392 players registered for this tournament and they paid $600 to get a total prize pool of $221,480! The winner of this tournament would get $42,501.01.

Place Player Country Prize
1 wes.c.addle Argentina $42,502.01
2 cjacksallin South-Korea $31,560.90
3 GangstaGo Ukraine $23,255.40
4 DrMiKee Uruguay $17,718.40
5 ThEtRaIN96 Canada $12,402.88
6 SergeyMavrod Russia $9,412.90
7 diosmono69 Uruguay $7,198.10
8 jcubillos11 Colombia $4,983.30
9 weltmaschine Germany $3,676.56

In this tournament “UHYC9_888” busted on the final table bubble and he finished in tenth for $2,879.24. All the remaining players were guaranteed $3,676.56 but they all had their eyes on the first prize of $42,502.01. For “weltmaschine” (9th), “jcubillos11” (8th), “diosmono69” (7th) and “SergeyMavrod” (6th) the final table didn’t go as hoped, because they all busted out pretty quickly.

The final five players were guaranteed $12,402.88 and that was all there was for Canadian “ThEtRaIN96” who finished in fifth place. “DrMikee”, who won an event earlier this week, couldn’t close this one. He busted in fourth place to get himself a prize of $17,718.40. Right after that, the event lost “GangstaGo” in third to reach the deciding heads-up.

“cjacksallin” from South-Korea wasn’t able to defeat Argentinian “wes.c.addle” so he had to settle for second place, $31,560.90. The biggest prize and honors of this huge XL Series-title went to “wes.c.addle” – he received the earlier mentioned first prize of $42,502.01.

Event #18 $100,000 Super XL – Sunday Challenge

Buy-in Date Players Prize Pool
$90 Jan. 22 1,054 $127,828

The next event on the schedule was Event #18 $100,000 Super XL – Sunday Challenge where 1,054 players competed for a prize pool of $127,828. Whoever managed to beat all of his opponents would secure himself of the first prize – $23,009.05.

Place Player Country Prize
1 gonzAAr Argentina $23,009.05
2 Beebsterizer Canada $16,400.33
3 SergeyRusko Russia $12,271.48
4 fgbcvo Slovenia $9,203.61
5 eze88888 Argentina $6,391.40
6 Liskacha Czech Republic $5,113.12
7 VitorBrasil Brazil $3,834.84
8 ipoo1 Sweden $2,556.56
9 ImSoTight Netherlands $1,533.93

In this tournament, the final table was reached when“sayocam” finished in tenth place for $1,214.36. After that, the tournament lost “ImSoTight” (9th) and “ipoo1” (8th) to get to the final seven players. From there on also “VitorBrasil” (7th), “Liskacha” (6th), “eze88888” (5th) and “fgbcvo” busted the tournament and they got a payday between $3,934.84 and $9,203.61.

The final three players were guaranteed at least $12,271.48 and Russian player “SergeyRusko” had to settle for this after busting in third. After his bust-out, it was Argentina’s “gonzAAr” who finished the job. He defeated Canadian player “Beebsterizer”, who ended up in second place for $16,400.33.

Event #19 $50,000 Super XL – Turbo Mega Deep

Buy-in Date Players Prize Pool
$215 Jan. 22 336 $67,200

Earlier in the recap there was the Mega Deep event won by “ADRI_ATM”, but there was also a Turbo edition of this tournament. In total 336 players took their chances with all aiming for the first prize of $13,003.20. Only one player would be lucky enough to receive this money and it was Argentina’s “_zufurduo_” who took it all after defeating Sweden’s “SkallePer58” in the final heads-up.

Place Player Country Prize
1 _zufurduo_ Argentina $13,003.20
2 SkallePer58 Sweden $9,744
3 spider4444 Belarus $7,392
4 pierre1975 Netherlands $5,544
5 easylimp888 United Kingdom $3,830.40
6 bauruzito100 Brazil $2,956.80
7 BOLAGET.NU Sweden $2,284.80
8 Biack88 Russia $1,612.80
9 summuNNN United Kingdom $1,176

Event #20 $30,000 Super XL – Turbo Tune Up

Buy-in Date Players Prize Pool
$55 Jan. 22 622 $41,900

For the players who like a faster structure, there was Event #20 $30,000 Super XL – Turbo Tune Up, a Turbo tournament that lasted for just four hours. Poland’s “Bak0s” loved this tournament the most because he won it just after 02:00 GMT for a total prize of $7,914.91. Runner-up “pockerking87” had to settle for $5,740.30.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Bak0s Poland $7,914.91
2 pockerking87 Malta $5,740.30
3 roulette69 United Kingdom $4,231.90
4 csm119 Canada $3,184.40
5 cangump1 Canada $2,237.46
6 PrdelXXl Czech Republic $1,780.75
7 Omfg72oAgain Russia $1,361.75
8 t54_is_a_fag Canada $942.75
9 liuying2 China $628.50

Event #21 $10,000 Super XL – Super Turbo Tune Up

Buy-in Date Players Prize Pool
$75 Jan. 22 216 $19,053

The final event of Day 4 of the series started at 23:00 GMT – the Event #21 $10,000 Super XL – Super Turbo Tune Up. 216 players registered for this event and a familiar face won it all in the end. “Mindcrushers”, who already won the first event this series, did it again and he defeated all his opponents to secure himself of a second title and the first prize of $4,096.39!

Place Player Country Prize
1 mindcrushers Canada $4,096.39
2 gedatronas Lithuania $2,953.21
3 CoCoMic Romania $2,238.72
4 THEKIDM8 United Kingdom $1,667.13
5 PuntSonPunt Czech Republic $1,143.18
6 Mudcat33 Canada $952.65
7 gandalf_mrs United Kingdom $762.12
8 Hodor83 United Kingdom $571.59
9 BringItOn313 Finland $381.06


Place Player Points
1 PuntSonPunt 692.31
2 trojanmouse 621.89
3 Mindcrushers 618.87
4 DrMiKee 613.56
5 TheRudimeer 576.90
6 summuNNN 529.12
7 Ti0373 523.13
8 GoFighTer 518.80
9 Tacuara87 514.90
10 Wes.C.Addle 506.56

Upcoming Tournaments

Date Time (GMT) Event Buy-in
Jan. 23 19:00 Event #22 $15,000 Super XL – Omaha Event $109
19:00 Event #23 $5,000 Super XL – Mini Omaha Event $12
19:35 Event #24 $10,000 Super XL – Monday Royal $22
19:35 Event #25 $10,000 Super XL – Monday Flush $22
20:00 Event #26 $15,000 Super XL – Snap Event $55
20:00 Event #27 $5,000 Super XL – Mini Snap Event $5
Jan. 24 19:00 Event #28 $350,000 Super XL – High Roller $2,100
19:00 Event #29 $100,000 Super XL – Mini High Roller $215
19:35 Event #30 $40,000 Super XL – Tuesday Challenge $109
21:00 Event #31 $50,000 Super XL – Turbo High Roller $160
Jan. 25 19:00 Event #32 $50,000 Super XL – 8-Max $109
19:00 Event #33 $10,000 Super XL – Mini 8-Max $12
19:35 Event #34 $25,000 Super XL – Wednesday Challenge $35
21:00 Event #35 $8,000 Super XL – Turbo 8-Max $30

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