Global Poker Index: Peters Retakes Overall Lead, Kenney Ahead in POY

Each week, the Global Poker Index releases a list of the top tournament poker players in the world using a formula that takes into account a player’s results over six half-year periods. For a look at the entire list, visit the official GPI website. Here’s a look at the rankings as of February 22.

2017 GPI Player of the Year

Rank Player GPI Score Change
1 Bryn Kenney 1780.53
2 Mustapha Kanit 1597.35
3 Byron Kaverman 1257.50
4 Sergio Aido 1175.05 +918
5 David Yan 956.39 -1
6 Dan Colman 915.02 +30
7 Roland Israelashivili 907.58 +5
8 Koray Aldemir 865.65 +40
9 Nacho Barbero 864.31 +153
10 Park Yu Cheung 846.72 +263

Last week we were reporting how the newest update of the 2017 Global Poker Index Player of the Year rankings showed zero change among the entire top 10. This week presents a different story, with a lot of big moves shaking up much of the list while Bryn Kenney remains the POY leader for a third week running.

Sergio Aido vaulted all of the way from the lower reaches of the top 1,000 to No. 4 after enjoying success both in Macau and the Philippines. Aido cashed twice in the Macau Poker Cup, including winning the HK$100,000 High Roller, then added two more final tables at the Triton Super High Roller Series including a runner-up finish to Koray Aldemir in the HK$1,000,000 Main Event — a finish that helped Aldemir jump from No. 48 to No. 8 to join the list as well.

Dan Colman also made a move up from No. 36 to No. 6 thanks to winning the HK$250,000 6-Max Event, outlasting Erik Seidel heads-up to claim the victory. Nacho Barbero went from No. 162 to No. 9 after three cashes at the latest Brazilian Series of Poker in Punta del Este. And Park Yu Cheung cashed five times in the Macau Poker Cup series, including winning a HK$50,000 event, to move from No. 273 all of the way to No. 10.

GPI 300 Top 10

Rank Player GPI Score Change
1 David Peters 3499.71 +1
2 Nick Petrangelo 3398.16 -1
3 Bryn Kenney 3325.49 +1
4 Justin Bonomo 3130.44 +1
5 Adrian Mateos 3106.30 +1
6 Ankush Mandavia 3077.48 +1
7 Fedor Holz 3050.96 -4
8 Dan Smith 3007.59 +1
9 Jack Salter 2986.94 -1
10 Ari Engel 2970.37

Meanwhile this week’s GPI overall rankings feature the same top 10 players as last week, although nearly all of them have moved up or down. Most notably, David Peters snuck back into the No. 1 spot, reclaiming the lead after Nick Petrangelo‘s five weeks on top.

Peters didn’t pick up any cashes over the last seven days, but Petrangelo lost a few points from his total thanks to the GPI’s Aging Factor affecting his score, causing him to slip. Same story for Fedor Holz who went from No. 3 to No. 7, enabling others to inch upwards in the rankings.

Welcome to the GPI Top 300

Rank Player Total Score
151 Daniel Colman 1953.18
190 Zo Karim 1869.63
221 Peter Vitantonio 1812.47
226 Guo Dong 1794.57
231 Dan O’Brien 1786.22
253 Park Yu Chueng 1743.99
255 Chris Moorman 1742.39
267 Vincent Delgado 1723.50
268 Luc Greenwood 1722.66
274 Lee Wai Kiat 1717.10
276 David Prociak 1715.87
281 Raminder Singh 1707.26
284 Matthew Wakeman 1704.43
288 Austin Peck 1700.45
292 Ihar Soika 1690.53
293 Reginald Roberts 1685.66
294 Thiago Nishijima 1683.38
296 Andrey Shatilov 1682.51
297 William Davies 1681.40
299 Natasha Mercier 1679.79
300 Garrett Greer 1679.03

No less than 21 new names appear in this week’s GPI top 300, with Daniel Colman the highest-ranked newcomer after moving up from No. 318 to No. 151 following his big Triton win.

Zo Karim comes in at No. 190 this week, up from No. 311 after having finished fifth in the 787-entry Heartland Poker Tour Golden Gates Casino Main Eventwon by Lance “Cord” Garcia.

Biggest Gains

Rank Player Total GPI Score Change
231 Dan O’Brien 1786.22 +254
281 Raminder Singh 1707.26 +229
221 Peter Vitantonio 1812.47 +228
253 Park Yu Chueng 1743.99 +222
151 Daniel Colman 1953.18 +167

Dan O’Brien earns the distinction this week as the biggest gainer (among those appearing in the top 300). O’Brien went from No. 485 to No. 231 after finishing second in that aforementioned Heartland Poker Tour Golden Gates Main Event won by Cord Garcia.

Biggest Drops

Rank Player Total GPI Score Change
285 Andreas Freund 1703.82 -124
234 Matas Cimbolas 1781.62 -113
283 Michael Wong 1704.54 -73
238 Josip Simunic 1770.32 -71
122 Samuel Chartier 2060.19 -68

Finally, looking only at players still remaining in the top 300, Andreas Freund slipped the furthest since last week after falling from No. 161 to No. 285.

What to Expect Next Week

The World Poker Tour L.A. Poker Classic continues this week where Phil Hellmuth won a side event and Billy Baxter chopped another. The Main Event gets started at the Commerce Casino on Saturday. WPTDeepStacks series continue as well at both bestbet Jacksonville in Florida and the Parx Casino in Pennsylvania.

Today also sees the start of the 2017 Unibet Open London Main Event where PokerNews is on hand providing live updates, chip counts, photos, and more.

To view the GPI overall rankings in their entirety, visit the official GPI website. While you’re at it, follow the GPI on Twitter and its Facebook page.

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