Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Shares, Cares, Underwhelming Affairs

Tweet, Tweet Bad Beat Overshares, Cares, Underwhelming Affairs

This week in poker social media was a fairly typical one with some shares, some cares and some underwhelming affairs.

Sharing the Besties

We get it! You live a luxurious life! We should all be jelly and join you in a casino.

Boy band cover FTW!

She made fun of herself before we could make fun of her…hmmm smh.

There are some things even social media would rather you just NOT.
Winner for most off-putting photo goes to…

Playing high roller 80k in macau, miss my baby @RunGoodRussell so much

— kuo hui chen (@kittykuopoker)

Cares and Teddy Bears

Because mom knows best…

On a ✈️ w my mom & she saw this & thinks I’m a big deal…so I won already!! Genuinely such a privilege to be consi…

— Sarah Herring (@AuntyChardonnay)

Cheers buddy boy!

Because love is love.

Meep. The Notebook is making a sequel?

The best man that ever happened to me! # #valentines

— Fatima MoreiraDeMelo (@Fatimademelo)

Da real MVP is sporting the pink.

A Valentine for all time. #creepin #watchyrdrink

Trekkin’ Over There

#JeffandDaninJapan #notgettingatan

Quick! Glamour shot #snowonsnow

And aawwwwaaaayyy we go (Honestly it’s a little anticlimactic).

Lead images courtesy of Celina Lin, Noah Schwartz, Hui Chen-Kuo,

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